89th Beauregard Parish Fair - "HOMEGROWN CUISINE- SOUTHERN FARE"
2017 Parade line up.docx (DOCX — 17 KB)

  • The Parade will be on Tuesday, October 3th
  • Deadline for entry is Thursday, September 28th at 5pm.  Entries received after the deadline will not be judged and will line up on MLK.
    • RULES:
    •  Line up will begin at 4:00pm.  Please make sure to be in line and ready to roll by 4:45pm.
    •  The line-up will be posted on the Beauregard Parish Fair Facebook page as soon as possible after the deadline  and will be published in the Beauregard Daily News on Sunday, October 1ST.

    • The theme must be on the entry and be visible to the judges.

    • Your entry number will be provided in your parade packet, it should be affixed to the  LEFT  side of your windshield so that it is visible to the judges.

    • You may pick up your parade packet at the fair grounds exhibition hall on Monday, October 2ND bewtween the hours of 8-5 p.m and on Tues. Oct.3rd 8-12.p.m.  All packets not picked up will be available at the line-up site.

    • Entry numbers will be marked on the pavement for all registered entries.  Just look for your number and park your vehicles.

    • Parade volunteers will be posted at the entrance to each line-up area and will be available for any questions/problems.

    •  If you have any questions, please email, call or text me.  Darlene Hargrove   (337)353-3771 or email at beauregardwomensorganization@yahoo.com
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