91st Beauregard Parish Fair                                 2019 - "COUNTRY PRIDE ~ PARISH WIDE ~ AGRICULTURE STRONG"

          Hay -magination
  90th Annual Beauregard Parish Fair 
Hay Bale Decorating
 Contest Rules
Each hay bale project MUST be created by a school/school club/organization.     
  Use your imagination! Be creative!      
 1st place $100        2nd place $75            3rd place $50

Categories Rewarded:  Elementary,  Junior High,  High School 
  1. Registration is required by phone no later than Sept. 28,2018
  2.  Call 337-462-3135.
  3. Hay bale must be a standard 24x32-36.  Bales may be displayed lying on their side or standing up.  Decoration plan need not be mentioned at the time of registration.
  4. Entries will be judged on adherence to theme" COUNTRY PRIDE ~PARISH WIDE ~AGRICULTURE STRONG",visual appeal, construction, and creativity.  *This contest will not be judged on educational value.
  5. Paint may be applied.
  6. Hay bales will be placed under a covered building for the duration of the fair.
  7. No political party signs allowed.
  8. Signage indicating the creators of the bale must be placed near or on the bale. 
  9. All entries are due into the fairgrounds and ready for judging at 12:00 P.M. on Tuesday Oct. 2 , 2018.
  10.  Decorations may be picked up on October 7.2018
             Entries provided per school must fit into the following criteria:   K-5 is Elementary                       6-8 is Jr. High                          9-12 is High School
Only 4 entries are allowed per school

Schools split into multiple locations will be considered as ONE school for the purpose of this competition.  Please organize accordingly.  If another school refuses their space/s, it will become available.  PLEASE let us know if you would like an extra spot.  
    Contact Kay Allen at (337)462-3135
 to register your club or get on the waiting list for any space declined by another school.

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